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Dance and Love is an Italian record label, founded in 2010 in Turin by DJ and producer Gabry Ponte.

Among other things, he produced Tacatà by Tacabro, Panico Paura, Beat On My Drum and Skyride.

Among the best-known artists who have collaborated with the label, besides Gabry Ponte, include Hotfunkboys, Pitbull, Mastiksoul, Tacabro, the Eiffel 65, and numerous other Italian and international artists.

The label, in addition to its own and other music production, is responsible for producing the videos for them, thus creating a new indie label, completely independent of the majors.

We do produce music but we’re also focused on a large amount of relative fields in order to support our artists: from graphic, to videos, web creation, booking, label management, promotion.

We do believe in thought, as a way to express every possible representation of art.

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